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Minerals and waste

We’re one of the country’s select few consultancies to offer expert advice on property connected to energy, waste and minerals

At heart, the advice and support we give is aimed at maximising the value of their asset. Identifying areas which are ripe for cost savings, advising on development, and finding ways to tap a property’s potential are ways we can help our clients to achieve that.

Growth in the industry is gaining pace. As mothballed mineral operations restart and capacity is ratcheted up, investment opportunities are also presenting themselves. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the sector, we can advise on how to capitalise on those opportunities.

Environmental concerns are also powering the growth of recycling centres and technologies. Our national experience in recycled aggregate and other mineral real estate is extensive. We’re also highly experienced in other industrial waste-to-energy assets, a sector that’s pulled in a lot of investment over the past few years.

Reconfiguring land after the mineral extraction process is exhausted requires technical expertise, and creative vision. We’ve transformed vacant land into everything from golf courses to boating lakes, turning unproductive property into potent revenue streams for our clients.

Although prices for recycled plastics have recently dipped, the environmental issues which triggered the recycling revolution remain as urgent as ever. The sector will continue to innovate to meet those challenges, and we’re committed to providing equally cutting edge advice.

The commercial and industrial energy sector is evolving.

The commercial and industrial energy sector is evolving.

Transformative technology is making waste-to-energy more efficient and cost-effective. We’re helping our clients to harness its potential.

Those clients are mainly waste companies and lenders, but we also assist the public sector, developers, investors and landowners. The range of waste facilities that we advise on is exhaustive, from waste-to-energy plants to scrap yards, civic amenity sites, recycling plants, landfill gas and anaerobic digestion.

We take the time to really understand each client’s business. It’s a process designed to help them get the most of out of their particular waste management asset – whether through streamlining operations, trimming costs or reducing risk.

And we provide essential support before and during the development of new plant, or the upgrading of facilities. The quality of our recommendations and the practical help we’ve provided has made us the trusted adviser of choice for a majority of the UK’s waste-to-energy plants.

Our flexibility is your strength: we have experts in areas that include agency, finance, valuation, business rates, estate management and site search. That means we can put together exactly the right combination of experts to handle your specific matter – whether it’s simply to achieve a premium price for your property, or to support your day-to-day management of your waste management real estate.

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Property linked to the mineral sector is often highly specialised, so a narrow approach to advising on mineral real estate isn’t appropriate.

Property linked to the mineral sector is often highly specialised, so a narrow approach to advising on mineral real estate isn’t appropriate.

Our chartered mineral surveyors’ excellent sector knowledge, commercial savvy and vast experience means that the advice and support we provide is always relevant, and specific to our clients’ situation. Those clients range in size from multinational corporations to single site operators.

Our advice has helped them to make significant cost savings, make their property management processes more effective, obtain a premium price for their asset and successfully develop new or existing facilities. We work with a variety of mineral real estate, including gravel pits, mines, industrial minerals, quarries, cement works, concrete and coating plants, and inert recycling/washing operations.

Our integrated national network of specialists means that you can rapidly access expert advice covering every aspect of real estate. We foster a spirit of collaboration between our specialists, resulting in an end-service that’s both seamlessly delivered and exceptionally broad in scope.

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