GVA highlights need for greater diversity in all areas of house building

Type News

Date 07/02/2017

GVA highlights need for greater diversity across all areas of house building.

Stephen Hollowood, Senior Director in Planning, Development and Regeneration at GVA comments:

“The UK needs more housing built of every kind, and critically, this housing needs to be constructed at pace. There is an issue with bringing forward big sites quickly; there’s a need for a greater variety of sites (some small) to come forward in order to deliver more housing, more quickly. We are currently too dependent on a small number of large developers building new homes, which is limiting the range of sites and housing types being delivered. Increased diversity in the organisations that are delivering new housing is crucial to improving the choice and quality of housing being built, as well as boosting the industry’s ability to deliver on Government targets.”

He adds: “Whilst Government has recognised that home ownership is not for all, it still needs to introduce further incentives that encourage the industry to deliver homes of different kinds and tenures, including outright ownership, and shared ownership, and recognises the vital importance of developing a healthy rental market which offers more choice, stability and affordability to help people find new homes.”

For more information, please contact Stephen Hollowood at GVA on 0121 609 8318 or stephen.hollowood@gva.co.uk