GVA provides new perspective on London with digital 3D modelling

Type News

Date 03/10/2017

GVA has unveiled the market’s latest interactive digital 3D model of London which enables users to view London’s current and proposed skyline, and rapidly assess the impact of future property developments using a suite of development apps.

The platform will allow GVA's new specialist in-house CAD team to manipulate the raw data set, providing tailored and bespoke outputs for each client.

The model uses the very latest in photogrammetry technology, captured from aircraft using 2016 HD aerial photography. The result is a 3D model built using the greatest precision techniques currently available in the market – accurate to within 150mm (15cm) on all axis – allowing clear views of current sight-lines over London. The fully interactive model is also built to a detail of LOD3 and LOD4, meaning that not only is it reputedly the most up to date 3D model of London, but it also the most detailed, with comparable models a mixture of older aerial photography built using a mixture of LOD1-4.

Mark Feighery who is spearheading the project at GVA, says: “This is an exciting and progressive tool which will be of tremendous benefit to our clients across the whole property lifecycle. Planned uses for the tool are significant, and transcend all aspects of our business offering.

"It also means our clients can accelerate key decision-making processes early and cost-effectively, particularly with regards to site evaluation. This is an exciting tool in our evolving digital armoury, particularity in relation to rights of light, townscape, protected viewing corridors, and St Pauls Heights, not to mention evolving plans for it in relation to other aspects of our business."

GVA's digital 3D model will initially cover 25kmsq of central London – an area from Canary Wharf to the Houses of Parliament and Regent Street. This will grow to 45kmsq by January 2018 and expanding to 105kmsq over the following 12 months on a rolling basis.

While London is the current focus for the launch of GVA’s 3D modelling capability, it is anticipated that models of other UK cities will be developed over coming months according to demand.