GVA supports Earth Hour

Type News

Date 21/02/2017

As part of GVA's sustainability work and commitment to reducing its environmental impact, the leading real estate adviser will be supporting Earth Hour in March.

Earth Hour is the world's largest demonstration of support for action on climate change, one of the biggest environmental challenges that the planet faces today.

Each year, millions of people around the world come together to call for action to protect the planet by turning their 'lights out'.

This year Earth Hour will take place on Saturday 25 March at 8:30pm.

What is GVA doing to support Earth Hour?

GVA is encouraging everyone to support this mission where they can by switching off their lights on Saturday 25 March at 8:30pm.

GVA will also be running a photography competition with a theme of ‘the benefits of light’, allowing individuals to appreciate the importance of light and capture its beauty. A winner will be selected from each regional office to feature on the office Earth Hour awareness poster, and one national winner will be selected to be displayed on everyone’s desktop screens along with communications about Earth Hour. Furthermore, five of our regional offices will have a smoothie bike event which is a more interactive way of allowing people to be aware about energy usage as they pedal a bike to make their own free smoothie!

To further help tackle climate change, GVA is also encouraging its employees to turn their heating down, turn off appliances left on standby at the mains, and to use energy efficient light bulbs.

This Earth Hour, shine a light on climate change #changeclimatechange*.

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