Evolving cities - The changing face of London

A look at the areas of London undergoing change in order to cater to London’s continued growth.

Type Research

Date 01/05/2017

There are now more people living in London than at any point in its history. Since the end of 2007, the population has grown by almost 1 million people; the number of jobs has increased by 15% and the economy has grown by 16%.

As demand has grown, so has the need for new supply. During the same period of time, London’s office stock has increased by 12%, and the city has delivered approximately 155,000 new homes.

As explored within The Changing Face of London this has required a range of new locations beyond London’s core markets to come forward, revitalising the riverfront and reintegrating former industrial sites into the urban fabric.

As London continues to add a tube train of people to its population per week demand for new homes and workplaces will continue. Unlocked by new infrastructure London will need to deliver over 325,000 new homes and accommodate over 315,000 additional jobs in the next 8 years.

The Changing Face of London also identifies a series of up and coming locations which will help to meet these needs and can provide space to meet up to 30% of housing and commercial floorspace demand.